Berkeley Heights Republican Recent Accomplishments

Stanford Drive/Snyder Ave Park

Republican Mayor David Cohen spearheaded the deal between Berkeley Heights & Union County which allowed the residents to receive a wonderful spray park and turf athletic field.

Saved Businesses from Leaving

Nokia (formerely) Bell Labs considered closing their Berkeley Heights location.  That could have meant a large over populated development to take its place.  Through talks and negotiations we were able to keep Nokia in town and then went on to close their Holmdel location.

Opened NJ Transit Building

After being closed for more than 30 years, we added bathrooms, a waiting area, and a restaurant.

Attracted New Businesses

Embassy Suites, Lifetime Fitness, L'Oreal, Summit Medical Group, Walgreens, CVS, Chase, TD Bank, Prime Rose Complex

Added New Revenues

  • Hotel tax
  • Sewer plant
  • Cornell Corporate Park

Increased Transparency

  • Formed Communication Committee
  • Created Township Facebook page
  • Started eAlerts
  • Started eNewsletter
  • Live streaming of Town Council meetings

Improved the Look of Berkeley Heights

  • Implemented design standards Article 19
  • Formed Downtown Beautification Committee
  • Stop & Shop Renovation
  • Refacing of Suburban Optic
  • Peak Medical remodel
  • Berkeley Hardware complex remodel

Route 78 Traffic

Stopped the Route 78 interchange at Exit 43

Park & Recreation

  • Passaic River Park canoe launch
  • Sansone baseball fields
  • True Green applications
  • Veterans Memorial Park Committee formed to design the park
  • Peppertown Park Committee formed to design the park